Youth Council

The purpose of the Youth Council is to train youth to meet the challenges in their communities. It enables young people who aspire to lead to learn skills sets that are common traits in effective leadership. Youth Council members will learn to assess their strengths and weaknesses, review models of leadership, develop strategic plans, collect and analyze data, set goals, communicate effectively to build networks and then apply these skills to create successful lives for themselves and/or impact community change.

The Bucks County Links Youth Council adheres to five pillars.Each of the five pillars is viewed as both the foundation as well as the catalyst for leadership: Below is the list of Pillars.

5 Pillars of Youth Council

  • Academic Excellence
  • Enterprise and Career
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Public Service
  • Ethics

The five pillars are reinforced through a three-pronged method of (a) guidance and instruction: (b) mentoring and team building, and (c) proactive and hands-on experience.

The Youth Council was birthed from our Teen Leadership Institute which has been held the fourth Saturday of March for the past 10 years.
To find out more about the Links Youth Council, please contact